The medical institute revered by all students studying biology in class 11 and 12 is the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). We are grateful to our principal reverent father Babu Varghese for giving us this golden opportunity to visit our dream institution. We were escorted by our biology teacher respected Mrs. Kanishka Kumar ma’am for the science expo – CATALYST 2018, organized by the student council of AIIMS.

We reached the institution by 9 o’clock and after completing the formalities we were welcomed in the auditorium where we witnessed one of the most informative quiz sessions till date. Three teams from our school also participated in the quiz.
Thereafter one group of students moved to the dissection lab where anatomy of body organs was explained. From brain to kidney, from heart to lungs, from spleen to intestine the first year MBBS students patiently explained all the organs of the human body in the simplest way possible.
From there we moved on to the physiology lab. There were various instruments and apparatus to measure out the reaction time and hence the reflex of an individual. We were also shown the Spirometer, Ichihara chart etc. it felt as if we were a part of the class of the first year medical students!

After learning how to measure respiratory volume or the residual volume, we went to see the cytological slides, clear microscopic transverse sections of the seminiferous tubules, hepatocytes and different types of muscles were observed by all the students.Finally it was time to go back to school…… we returned with pride and a promise to ourselves that we would also enter this institution next year as medical students. It was a day full of new learning experiences. Surely this visit infused enthusiasm in the hearts of all the students and enriched our knowledge with a new zeal and zest for Biology.

-Biology students class 11 and 12