Don Bosco School, Alaknanda has been ‘ACCREDITED WITH GRADE A’ and named AMONG the top five Don Bosco Schools in India. The Self Review and Evaluation Programme done at Don Bosco in collaboration with Adhyayan, an external accreditation agency, opened our eyes to the realities of our school & helped us to enhance the quality of our school.  The moments of Orientation, Self Review done with the help of Diagnostic tools, External Evaluation, Quality Dialogue and the Action Plan helped us to identify key components and processes to improve our Safety. Don Bosco campus is safe due to the various measures taken in the recent times.
DBA has a Child Protection Policy. The Staff members have been educated to recognize their protective obligation towards students and sensitized to ensure safety of children in school.

Fire Safety Systems have been installed and Fire Safety Certificate has been obtained from Delhi Fire Service.

School has obtained Health Certificate from South Delhi Municipal Corporation stating that the Classrooms are sufficient, well lighted, well ventilated, neat and clean. It also states drinking water is sufficient, Latrine arrangement is sanitary and overall facilities are good.

Hazard Vulnerability Capacity & Risk Assessment has been done as per the order of ADM (South East)

Details of all Staff members were collected & Identity Cards issued. Police Verification is being done.

The supporting Staff is employed from authorized agencies and proper records are maintained.

Meetings were held to take feedback from parents and their suggestions are being implemented.

The school has installed about 100 CCTV Cameras in School premises and they are all functional.

The strength of the security staff has been increased.

Attendants clean & supervise wash rooms during the school time. CCTV cameras cover the exit of each washroom to monitor the movements. There are separate washrooms for the staff.

The personal details of drivers & conductors of Contract buses and Private Vans were collected. They were briefed about the safety measures and the code of conduct.

The management & staff supervise the campus during class, breaks & activities as per the duty chart. They are present in the corridors, staircases & near the gates during arrival and dispersal of students.

Staff, Students and Alumni must wear their Identity Cards around their neck to get entry to school anytime and it has to be worn at all times.  

The Second Identity Card was given during this PTM is to be worn by Parents/Guardians who enter the school campus at all times, including the daily dispersal.

Meeting with the Principal and School staff can be arranged by prior appointment only.

Students must follow the Rules of Discipline printed in the School Diary. No student shall indulge in ragging, bullying, use of foul language, smoking, use of drugs or intoxicants, rowdyism, rude behaviour & use of violence in any form. School reserves the right to suspend/dismiss pupils who are indisciplined.

As students are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school, it will be confiscated & not returned. In case of emergency a telephone is available at the reception.
Parents/Guardians/Outsiders are not permitted to use mobile phones in school campus to make calls or to take photographs or videos.

Parents are advised not to provide bike/two wheeler to their wards to travel to school.

Parents have filled up a form giving the details of the mode of transport of their ward to school. A change in the mode of transport has to be made known to the School Office.

Parents were advised not to send their wards by private vehicles which are overcrowded or driven by drivers who don’t follow traffic rules. The school will not allow students to travel by such vehicles and necessary action will be taken.

Like all great institutions, we have our dreams, ambitions, aspirations and action plans. We hope to convert these goals into tangible realities and ensure the safety of our students.

Fr. Babu Varghese SDB