Vince Lombardi once said: “The spirit, the will to win and the will to excel are the things that endure. These qualities are so much more important than the events that occur.”
From rock to pop, from blues to alternative and from country music to Hindi classical – the first edition of the Voice of DBA held at Don Bosco School, Alaknanda - New Delhi on 25th October, 2013, was a complete package.
The event started with the judges – Punam Koul, ghazal singer along with Sudipto Chakravarty, the ex-school band percussionist presenting beautiful bouquets to our principal Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese.

The event was kick-started by the performers from the Sub-juniors category, who lit up the stage with the performances ranging from Micheal Jackson to Mohd. Rafi. The quality stepped up another notch with the juniors entering the arena, the songs from 1960’s and 70’s being a trend among them, with Shashwat Mishra rendering Rafi and Ram redering Hariharan’s ghazal. As the age of the contestants began to ripen, a clear shift from Soprano to Baritone was visible.
Now was the time for the pedigree of the lot - the seniors, to perform. As soon as Ritesh Singh, sang the first few verses of the song – ‘Tum hi Ho,’ a gulf in class was clearly visible. Some stellar performances from school band members – Ashish Jose   and Sajid Rizvi, mesmerized the crowd.
The last two slots were reserved for the best. First, it was School Band Captain Nikhil John, who dedicated the song – ‘Dance with my Father’ to our Principal Rev. Fr. Babu Varghese. The emotional quotient and the feel of that song was so high, that Fr. Babu’s eyes became moist. The final performance of the day was by chief soloist ‘Steve Edwards.’ He is the second pillar of the school band and has created a record by bagging a prize at every event he has taken part in this calendar year. His soulful rendition of Paul Anka’s - ‘Papa’ was moving.
Aaromal, S. Ram and Nikhil John were the winners of the sub-juniors, juniors and seniors category respectively. Sajid Rizvi and Nikhil John also won the prize for the best performers in Hindi and English - special awards given by the Principal. The highest honour for the day – ‘The voice of DBA’ went to the most deserving of the lot – ‘Steve Edwards.’


It was a day of poise and precision,a day when the hand of God steered singers and music in a certain direction.The judges PoonamKoul and SudiptoChakroborty walked in and were warmly welcomed into the Principal’s office by FrBabu himself.Over a cup of coffee conversation flowed and cellphones revealed the love for music and rhythm as the percussionist Sudipto shared the sound of music with the Principal.


The lovely PoonamKoul the mother of Moses Koul and the handsome Sudipto walked into the auditorium  withFr.Babu and Fr.Sujith for the first ever Voice of DBA Contest.Uma Mam introduced the two judges and called them ‘delightful members of the Don Bosco family tree’.The day began with an auspicious gift of goodness-with the two judges felicitating FrBabu with winsome bouquets. ’ Let the music begin’said Uma Mam as she handed the stage to little AshishRanjan as compere for the Sub Juniors.

Aromal silenced with his Rafi rendition of Teri AankhonKe Siva Duniya Mein KyaRakhanHain.V.Vishnu had a cute Khwaja Mere Khwaja and Edwin Antony regaled with Sweet Child of Mine.The scene moved to the Juniors-with cultural Captain AbhinavChakroborty as compere- Deepayan thundered with AlbelaSajan,Shashwat Mishra gave a satin smooth Rafi eternal with AajPuraniBaaton se koi mujheawazzanade,andS.Ram staked his claim as numerouno with a mellifluous HariharanJhhomLe.Jithin Raj laced the magic with his nimble table rhythms.

The seniors then set the tone for a benchmark with Ritesh Singh presenting a heartfelt Thum Hi Hon,andAshish Jose with a whistle wrap splendor.The last 3 in the seniors would set the refined solo signature.Nikhil John rendered a flawless Dance with my Father dedicated to Fr.Babu in memory of his loving sister.SajidRizvi peppered the stage with his performance as Akhil George fingered perfection on the keyboard.And then came Steve Edward who captured hearts and minds with Paul Anka’s Papa.


Awards became a heady affair with FrBabu presenting mementoes to the judges and tabla player Jithin Raj Chauhan.And when awards were announced Fr.Babu gracefully made PoonamKoulpresent the awards.As Uma Mam flourished the end point with Steve Edward’s win as Voice of DBA,there was yet another surprise.FrBabu had two special awards to give-to the School Band Captain Nikhil John for his brilliance as a singer and a guitarist-and to SajidRizvi for the mesmerizing Hindi song. Voice of DBA became a red letter day in the history of Don Bosco for the gentle graciousness and goodness of our own Principal as we closed the curtain on a historic celebration of making melody in our hearts.
Thank you Fr.Babu for this unique idea.

Aditya Mukherjee

12 B

Music – A Redefined Milestone

The stage was lit up, the eyes were anxious, the hearts were skipping their beats, and the timbre of music was in the air. Bosco was going to create a milestone – The Voice of Don Bosco 2013. We were blessed to have the Ghazal Queen of Chandigarh PoonamKoul and the tabla player, the Brother Bergin’s award winner SudiptoChakraborty as our judges. Jitin Raj Chauhan, the best tabla player of Bosco I’ve known till now was there with us. The show begun with Uma Ma’am  words of wisdom.The judges had brought awesome bouquets for felicitating Fr.Babu.

The sub-juniors were ready for their innings. With innocence in their eyes and a million dreams the sub-juniors created a magical environment. We were on a ride which took us from ‘Heal The world’ to ‘MeriMaa’ to the golden era. The intensity of applauses never faded away. Next our Juniors’ turned sweat of nervousness into sparkles of the eyes. With Jithin on the tabla and Melwyn at the mike the song ‘Tum Tak’ redefined itself. S. Ram had a brilliant Jhoom Le and Shashwat personified Rafi at his best and  surely proved to us what they inherited.


Next it was the seniors who took the show. Ritesh Singh’s ‘Tum Hi Ho’ can’t be explained in a combination of letters nor can’t be justified merely by few words of appreciation. The show’s graph paced up. Our expectations were on their optimum level. But the next few performances took our breath away. If Sajid’s performance was spirited, Nikhil John’s ‘Dance with My Father’ and Steve Edward‘s ‘Papa’ truly justified why they were the oxygen for Bosco. The three best were kept for the last.

After the competition came to its end I realized the meaning of trump cards. Yes, indeed these Bosconians are the trump cards who can bring down any kingdom and achieve any height. The judges surely had the toughest time in selecting the best but they did and no doubt our chief soloist Steve was Voice of Don Bosco 2013. Then Fr.Babu gave two awards- best in Western Music went to Nikhil John and to Sajid for Hindi. With no dizziness I could feel the future of music and talent in our school. Victor Hugo once said ‘“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ,the experience I had, the passion I felt, the spark I saw, the fire, the warmth, the talent might need more than just words to be felt.Thank you Fr.Babu for an unforgettable day.

Hannaan Malik