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As Marianne Williamson once said, “Use each interaction to be the best, most powerful version of yourself.” On 28th November 2018 Don Bosco Alaknanda organised an exchange orientation programme for students of Don Bosco Palin and what an amazing event it was. The program started with students of DBA welcoming the students of with the warmest of hearts. Fr Babu informed us about the students and then we got to know that these students belonged to a Nyishi Tribe and without further ado Fr commenced the programme with the school choir singing with their melodious voices. The whole auditorium was spellbound and it set the base of the programme perfectly but the programme was to only get better from there. Following the song we had our budding achievers Praveen and Omair talking about their innovations and motivating us to make our mark in this great world. It not only inspired everyone to achieve something great but they even got to know of how to follow their passion. What made the programme even more exciting was the interaction between Fr Babu and Fr John who added a spark of humor which taught us the value of true friendship. Next up was ParthKishan who talked to us about what are the social issues in our society and told us what us as students can do about it

Following these were the presentation of The Analytix Club and The Mathematics Club. Trust me it was one of the few time when everyone in the whole auditorium listened so Keenly and with such rapt attention . The next stop on this roller coaster ride was an amazing dance by our wonderful dancers.
After seeing all what we can offer it was time for Don Bosco Palin to express their gratitude in their own way. They did so by performing one of their beautiful traditional dances. Following it was a melodious song. And though we did not the words mean but we just couldn’t control us from singing it along with them. Finally the epic journey ended and we were filled with more pride of being a Bosconian than ever before..
I would like to sincere thank Fr Babu and Fr John for conducting this beautiful programme for us students.