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Don Bosco School , Alaknanda prides itself on having one of the most spacious and green campuses in Dellhi . The huge buildings in their greyish hues,  with their airy, well lit corridors and pathways   and adequately ventilated class rooms, are a unique blend of purposeful functionality  and comfort. The school  has a state-of-the-art auditorium  with good acoustics and an effective sound and lighting system , with a seating capacity of more than  1500 students.   The school also consists of lush green open spaces with beautifully maintained  gardens and a great variety of flora .

In a bid to create a more dynamic and comfortable learning environment for the students, the school has initiated a wide array of renovations.


The hall  adjacent to  the main entrance to the auditorium has been refurbished with gleaming tiled floors and freshly painted walls.  The passage way connecting the hall to the senior school building has been widened   creating an impact of wide open well lit spaces for easy entry into and exit from  the auditorium . To ensure more security and convenience for all , the toilet facilities for visitors have been relocated outside to an  area near the football grounds. The  roofs of the entrances to the auditorium , both from  the junior school building and senior school building,  have been covered.


 New light weight and long tables with sufficient storage for two students and comfortable chairs have been introduced in classes I and II.  For the pre-primary classes, each of the four sections have been given attractively designed  colourful  tables and chairs , with a unique colour code for each section to facilitate easy identification by the tiny tots.


The KYAN facility has been introduced in one section of each class in the school.   Knowledge-Yan is an integrated community computer that functions as a computer, projector, and television. The KYAN software enables concepts to be demonstrated to students through the use of subject specific audio visual presentations .  Technology based learning,  assignments and evaluations  have made the classrooms more    participative , enjoyable and effective.



The science and maths  labs have all been freshly painted.  The stools have been redone and colour coded.  All the labs have been equipped with the whiteboard and the kyan equipment.

 Storage facilities have been extended with the addition of cupboards in the Maths and Chemistry labs .

 New teaching aids for mathematics have been acquired.

The chemistry lab has been refurbished with   sparkling  new wall and floor tiles. New  worktables have been built . The racks on the tables have been removed and the wash basins have been fitted with new faucets. New cupboards for lab apparatus and also for the  students to keep their apparatus have been  added. New burners have been acquired.  The  fume chamber has been removed and the lab has been fitted with more exhaust fans. The storage area has also been done up. 



The football ground has been embellished with new grass worth to facilitate a dust free   playing environment.  The basketball courts  have been revamped  too with a brand new synthetic flooring. New sports equipment for both indoor and outdoor recreation have been purchased. The tiny-tots enjoy the joy rides on the newly setup play station. The joy they feel on the swings feel no boundary.


Wash rooms have been renovated with new tiles and modernist structures to ensure that proper cleanliness and  hygiene is maintained. Safe drinking water facilities are installed for the benefit of pupils and staff to increase safety and reduce illness.


The library has been renovated. New tables and chairs have been acquired. The facility of e-reading using the Amazon Kindle device has been introduced.

The Kindle device offers a built in dictionary, wi-fi access and storage capabilities to include thousands of books.

Don Bosco Alaknanda Library is one of the few libraries in India wherein each student in a class has access to the kindle device.



Keeping in mind the safety of the students,  the walls of the passageways connecting the senior school and junior school buildings have been embedded with metal grillwork.

The pathway from the Kindergarten classrooms to the school back gate have been paved with cement tiles.


Bosco Computer Labs have been equipped with new Computers to cater to the technological issues of the students. There are two separate Labs for the Junior wing and Senior wing as well. 25 laptops have been acquired and distributed to the coordinators and the various departments in the school in order to ease the work of various departments.


The room for the  Coordinator, counselor and special educator has been fitted with new furniture. The flooring of the  ground floor  staffroom  and music room has been changed.

The completed refurbishments have resulted in a much brighter environment which in turn has increased the energy in the classroom  and improved the learning environment with many more children taking part. Hands-on learning with the help of the new learning aids is the new norm and equips students with the necessary skills to excel .  The  technology aided  learning environments together with the existing  popular games and recreational facilities provide a healthy platform of education for the students.