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August brought with it hectic preparations for the upcoming English Declamation and Recitation competition. The grand finale of the competition was organised on the 30th August 2018. The event was about 1 hour long and was held in the school Auditorium. Students of classes 8 and 9 participated and recited well-known poetry and declaimed famous speeches. Some of the noteworthy poems were ‘O Captain my captain’ by Walt Whitman and ‘Daffodils’ by Wordsworth. The event also included beautiful speeches by the likes of Mr APJ Abdul Kalam and Franklin Roosevelt. Four students were chosen from each section to represent their class. These students were the finalists of the first round conducted in the classroom where each student recited a poem or delivered a speech of his choice.

The program commenced with the arrival of the audience, the students of class 8 and 9, to the auditorium. The participants were lined up and ready. The host Praveen Kumar welcomed everyone and the competition was underway. The judges for the event were Mrs Shobha Prasad and Mrs Iris Thomas for class 8 and Mrs Anupama Kumar and Mrs Divya Malhotra for class 9. It was truly mesmerizing to watch the students present perfectly intoned and beautifully presented poems and speeches.

. The judges praised the participants a lot and and thanked the organisers. They guided the students with their inspirational words. This was followed by the announcement of the winners and the distribution of the trophies. The event concluded with a formal note of thanks by the host.


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