Don Bosco School, Alaknanda, New Delhi is truly a special school!
Don Bosco School, Alaknanda has become the inspiring place to be!

Throughout the history of Don Bosco School Alaknanda, academic excellence and high achievement levels have consistently placed it among the top schools in New Delhi.

A common thread throughout Don Bosco School Alaknanda’s storied past is the enthusiastic management, excellent teaching staff and efficient support personnel. The dedication of the staff, their technical skills and collaboration ensure that the school meets the needs of all the students. The parental and community support has been a constant encouragement, throughout the years. Together we all form a team of caring individuals who everyday strive for our students to be good students and honest citizens.

By providing quality and holistic education in a family environment Don Bosco School, Alaknanda empowers individuals to become caring, competent, and responsible citizens who value education as a life-long process.

Our togetherness has made Don Bosco School a safe haven for all Bosconians.

The story of Don Bosco School, Alaknanda presents the story of a common pilgrimage that we have undertaken together. It is the story where each one of us belongs, where each one of us finds a place. Our work and sweat, our dedication and sacrifice, our fidelity and sense of belonging have produced the magic.

Don Bosco School has witnessed an unprecedented positive growth and development in the course of the years. Don Bosco School has evolved on several fronts – the academic, Co-curricular activities, sports and games and social service.
Thus Don Bosco School, Alaknanda has moved from a good school to a great school. Welcome to Don Bosco School, Alaknanda.

Fr. Babu Varghese SDB
Principal, Don Bosco School, Alaknanda