From the Chayaavaad literary poems of Harivanshrai Bachhan to the Khari Boili modernism of Maithli Sharan Gupt and a young Bosconian poet called Yash Golani - the Hindi Recitation Contest was a treat to the ears and the senses.“ Poetry is a clear expression of mixed feelings" said someone. And this indeed holds true for the Bosconians who paint their hues of poetry in the atmosphere of the school auditorium every year, dutifully.

The competition was scheduled on the 15th May. All the class ten students were made to sit in the auditorium unobtrusively and the competition began. All the reciters, with tenors and baritones, came up with intrepid initiatives and delivered their poems with sheer perfection and grandeur. Almost all spoke well with apt dynamics ,modulation and sophistication. The judges for the day - Ekta ma'am and Kulpreet ma'am congratulated everyone and walked out with a smile on their faces.The results were disclosed there and then, which doubled the excitement and curiosity of all the participants and even the audience. Kartikay Awasthi from 10-A stood first with his Untitled poem on Maa.He left the audience awestruck with his sophisticated voice. The second prize was bagged by Sunandan Chakrabarti of 10-C for his beautiful delivery of Jugnu by harivansh Rai Bachhan. Mauwaz of 10-A, the versatile Bosconian, stood third for his stirring performance of the poem Netaji Ki Holi by Manas Khatri.In Class 9 it was the little poet Yash Gola who wowed audiences with his poem Adhyapika specially composed as an ode to teachers. This poem had sensitivity and fervor and flair.The competition was a huge success. It was well organised by the coordinator - Seema Rai ma'am. But the simple saint, Reverend father Babu Varghese, as usual stood at the back and enjoyed all the performances and thanked the Lord for the day.