English Recitation Contest 

English Recitation Contest - 23rd April 2015, Thursday.

Men of forests or of woods can claim their better over here, While drops of water or slaves from slaughter recite their staccatos of melancholy.
And elephants can dance on their trunks and turtles can marry a deer, When it comes to a piece of well knit and good poetry.

The vivid and vibrant eclecticism may have instigated a feeling of ecstasy and gaiety in the reader's mind. Indeed, a good piece of poetry is like a jocund experience - you  enjoy forgetting that the time is going or you learn a message for life, or both. English poem recitation competition in Don Bosco School Alaknanda, has always been a platform for the students to express their emotions, expressions and talents. It has been a noticeable evidence that Bosconians love poetry from the bottom of their hearts.

The 23rd of April, 2015 saw the commencement of the English recitation competition where boys of class nine and ten recited beautiful evergreen poems. A maximum number of four students represented each section in the contest, adding on to the total count of thirty two. 

Each student delivered his poem with grandeur and elegance. Some recited the classic poems of Wordsworth while many came up with humorous poems of Ogden Nash. While one or two spoke narratives of domestic poets, some also came up with the poems of the mystic poet, Kahlil Gibran. But the diversity never deviated the zest of the participants, instead it boosted up the spirits of the audience. The gloomy and the glum poems kindled feelings of despair, horror and maliciousness whereas the ingenious and cheerful prosodies perpetuated the moods of jubilation. 

But all spoke well. No one stopped or halted and forgot the lines, which made it very arduous and difficult for the judges to decide upon. At the end of the contest, the audience had also formed an integral part in the process - Bearing the repetitive sopranos, the audience had showed spirits of sportiness, support and cheerfulness. The judges for the day - Meenakshi Verma maám and Mathews K Thomas sir, walked out of the auditorium with a smile on their faces, showing signs of contentment, hard work and gaiety.    

Three cheers to the coordinators- Uma maám,  and Karuna maám, without whom the contest would not have achieved this success. All the students walked back taking memories of nostalgic memoirs and timeless hourglasses and thanked the simple saint who stood at the back and enjoyed all the deliveries - Reverend Fr. Babu Varghese.