Child Prodigy -

It was the 7th of May, the day of the grand event of Voice of DBA 2015 for classes 6 to 8. Another guitarist and I were going to be the instrumentalists for the cut-throat competition. One would have the notion that just two days wouldn’t obviously suffice for a practice. But a new student of class 7-C turned out to be an exceptional maestro-he was the wild card entry planned by our Principal Rev: Fr. Babu. Not one of the singers could perhaps equal his brilliance and calibre. The others came and went; but he came, stunned the audience, left them applauding and shouting, and then went back.
Arijit Roy belongs to Silighuri. Trained under Ms. Mahaula Mukherjee, he sings at the state level. And as his flair states, he commenced singing at the tender age of three. Favouring purely classical songs, he let an outburst of his passion and talent in the auditorium, with the perfect rendition  ofKailashKher’s ‘Teri Deewani’.
I could remember the day in the midst of the soothing tune of that song. On the day of the event, during the recess, I was called upon and informed that he was a new student to our school. And so, having the fortune of listening to the song lately, I had a simple rehearsal once before the competition, and I was completely dumbstruck by his voice. It convinced me that he would surely steal the show. And by the end of his singing in the hall, the audience kept no moment for speaking; instead excitement grew in their  voices and applause. But finally, at that moment, I realized that it was a miracle for me to work with a soloist like Arijit.

HardikShukla 8 A

According to me music is not just a soothing tone , I believe that it has the power of bringing emotional stability and restoring tranquility to our minds. And, on the day of Voice of DBA each one of us were overwhelmed to attend the musical extravaganza. Classes ninth and tenth participated in it and it was an epitome of amalgamation of melodious voices all in the same auditorium.

I was a part of the audience I loved the way each one of them sang on that day, their voices reflected the amount of hardwork and devotion they had put in to prepare each song. After all, it was an competition and I felt that Aaromal Rajendra Babu's song was the one which left me flabbergasted. The way he sang with confidence, precise notes and a very melodious voice was really commendable. He took his song to a different level which outshone among the rest of the participants. He sang the song 'Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi' which considered to be one of the most finest music compositions of the legendary R.D. Burman. He sang a class apart and that is the reason why he was also awarded the first position.

Each singer had the potential of winning the competition and must continue to enhance their skills with persistent efforts and devoted work. Competitions like the voice of DBA has given many fugitive singers an opportunity to realize their talents and gain confidence and belief in themselves. This was definitely an indelible experience and the song by Aaromal touched everyone's hearts and is still ingrained in my mind.