The Collage Competition - 2015

The collage competition has always been a  platform to showcase the perspectives and the perceptions of Bosconians. It has always encouraged the young veterans of art to become profound in the field by letting them think out of the box. Likewise, we had a collage making competition this year too, and provided, class nine and ten had to work in groups to present to the judges, ingenious and creative masterpieces.

Class ten had been given the topic -"Building a New India". All the budding doyens burnt their lamps of imagination and planned out how to execute each step. Each group had about four-five members and an obedient toiler out of them was crowned as the captain. 

The collage competition's duration was one hour. All the students assembled in the auditorium and sat in separate gear-like circles and started off their works. The atmosphere was full of ideas, thoughts, borrowing, lending, pictures, glazing materials and decors. The aroma of patriotism and jingoism floated in the air of the auditorium.All students participated in the activity with equal effervescence and ebullience.  After about an hour, the groups produced beautifully imagined and well executed collages.

The competition was over, but the real spirit of the day came into effect when all the students along with the teachers started cleaning the floor of the auditorium. The competition finished, but its entity was stamped as a milestone in the history of Don Bosco School, Alaknanda.The winners were Mauwaz Ahmed's team from 10 A, Mohsin Zaki's team from 10 A and Nirmesh Bansal's team from 10 D.


"Collage Competition for Social Science will be held in the auditorium,"said Principal Fr.Babu and all of us trooped into the auditorium with our sheets of paper and materials for creating our ideas of a collage.

Creativity,leadership,ingenuity and teamwork are what each student participating in the collage competition got to learn. In our school a collage competition was held in which students from class six to class ten were divided into groups each having a team leader accompanied by four other students, who were expected to make a collage on  particular topic that was allotted to them according to their classes. This activity was also a part of the FA-1 social science activity.

The activity was held in the last two periods, which means we had about 80 minutes with us to make the collage,that is an ample amount of time. Each group was informed about this activity about a week before which gave us enough time to plan,think and prepare ourselves.  Every student was filled with anxiousness and enthusiasm and wanted to do well in the competition. As the activity was marked, it might be a reason for the active participation of all students. The topic for class ninth and tenth was "Women Empowerment" and "Building a New India respectively". And the students came up with many innovative ideas which really made the competition a special one.

Some students emphasized on giving their collage a 3-D affect , while the others tried to merge various colours and some kept it simple and just added pictures and different cutouts. Overall, the competition was an indelible experience and reintroduced the students about their skills,talents and most importantly about the spirit of working together. The auditorium was filled with excellent pieces of art. I feel myself fortunate to be a part of this competition, and like every other student hoping to get a prize.Of course not all of us can be the versatile V. Vishnu but we could try.