Fr. Babu delivered a fascinating speech on Recognition Day held at Don Bosco School auditorium on 23rd August 2015. He started with an example of lighter rains, which reminded us of about the importance of good shield in the form of an umbrella. He elaborated saying, we should have the positive attitude always and should not be on mercy to pray for no rains, but request for better umbrella.He shared a situation which made the audience think of positivity. If someone throws stones in your path it will be your choice to build a bridge or a wall of those stones. He further shared an example to this thought that most beautiful things are not always good, however good things are always beautiful. As our principal always tells us that to be successful we need to work hard and in unity. He reiterated that the accomplishment that WE BOSCONIANS have achieved is a collective effort of our teachers, parents and us.

This was a successful event because of the combined effort of the event coordinators, teachers, organisers, students and the chief guest. He thanked the parents who participated in the event and witnessed the youth of our school with our everlasting motto “EVER MORE and BETTER EVER”. Now I know why Uma Mam said in her English class,” Listen to Fr.Babu’s speech carefully, it’s a lesson for life.”

Harshit Thadani

9 D

The American football player Vince Lombardi once quoted, “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” This quotation points to those winners who never quitted and are now being recognized by everyone. A program was spotted at Don Bosco School Alaknanda on 24 July 2015, christened as ‘Recognition Day.’ It took place from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the school auditorium. The students who had shown an exemplary performance were awarded. Many retired teachers were also invited as the chief guests. The program commenced with a mellifluous Halleluah sung by the English Choir

and supported by the English teacher, Uma Nair ma’am. It was succeeded by a melodious song sung by the two musical geniuses, S. Ram Visakh and Arijit Roy. That song sent shivers down the spine.Aaromal Rajendrababu danced in soft serenity to it. The prize-winners of Classes 6 and 7 of the academic session 2014-2015 were then awarded with a certificate and a trophy for securing a position. For those who excelled in some subject were awarded with a medal. There was also a dance conducted by the juniors on the song ‘Da Mihi Animas’ which was a jaw-dropping experience for all.It had been choregraphed by Susan Mam. Gradually, all the prize winners received their respective trophies and medals. This time, there were also special awards which were introduced and named after teachers who have contributed significantly in building up the school that we see today.

At the end of the show, all the aces of science and commerce streams were awarded Ecxellence Awards. Mauwaz Ahmed Farooqui got the Science Award ,Rishab Denis Rodrick got the English Award. The topper of the science stream, Nikhil Sivakumar also received the ‘Bosconian of the Year’ award. The parents at the back of the auditorium were completely flabbergasted after listening to the fantabulous performances of the students. Such students have taken the name of their interests, parents and school to great heights.The Recognition Day has always been an inspiring event. It has always encouraged young sportsmen, scientists and businessmen. It brings about glory in a child’s success. Not only has this event helped us to recognize the student, but also the teachers who have always been the backbone of the school. This program has been successful in recognizing the aces of today and professionals of tomorrow.


10 C


Appreciation is a wonderful; thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Recognition day is a day that rewards excellence in academics and non-academics ventures in the school curriculum. As I sat amidst the glittering trophies and medals, I was overwhelmed. When the recognition day came to an end I saw all the parents hugging and kissing their sons for their exemplaryachievements. I pondered upon the thought as to what a Bosconian take away from recognition day? Is it the trophies and medals or something else.

Heeding to all those who addressed the gathering on the occassion- Fr. K. C. John, Fr. Babu, Nikhil Sivakumar(Science Topper), Avnish Khurana(Commerce Topper) and Paulson Antony(10 CGPA holder in class 10)- I got to learn many lessons that were extremely significant to excel in life.Fr. K. C. John told us that we should be passionate, hungry for knowledge and disciplined to excel in academics. This is what he called the real expansion of the acronym PHD. Fr. Babu once again gave us an inspiring address motivating the young achievers to achieve greater heights.Nikhil and Avnish, the toppers of Science and Commerce stream in class 12, respectively told the audience about their journey, the difficulties they had to go through to reach to the pinnacle and motivated all the young aspirants.After the programme, the achievers along with their parents met the teachers. It gave me immense pleasure to meet the teachers and seek blessings from them because teachers are people who carve the best out of you. It is their constant hardwork and perseverence that makes you succeed in life.Returning to the question, I believe that from Recognition day, a Bosconian takes away inspiration, motivation and the will to achieve greater heights. When Nikhil Sivakumar got "The Best Bosconian" award, Uma Mam requested us to rise and give him a standing ovation and I had a desire that one day I would also receive the beautiful trophy and a standing ovation.So its not only the trophies and medals but also the inspiration from the fellow achievers, the blessings from the teachers and the will to achieve greater heights that we take away from the Recognition day.In conclusion I want to say that in the race of life let us find joy in doing our best not measured by someone else but measured by ourselves. And may the spirit of our founder St. John Bosco always spur us to greater heights.And may each and every Bosconian live up to our school motto "Ever More and Better Ever".

Mauwaz Ahmed Farooqui

10 A