Classes 11 and 12 Speech Contest

Don Bosco has never fatigued in hunting young talents. No bosconian has ever remained passive throughout his term in this institution. This institution , through its cultural activities , brings out the dexterity in each of its student. One such event is the ‘Speech Competition’.

‘The Speech Competition ‘ for classes 11 & 12 was held on 30th April at the school auditorium during the activity period .This event marked the advent of the new co-curricular and academic session for the present year. One student from each of the sections of classes 11 & 12 was selected. The participants were supposed to express their views on a wide range topics varying from the merits of internet and television to the demerits of caste

disparities in India. The participants were judged on the grounds of clarity, content, memory and expressions . The august presence of the reverent principal added to its beauty.The stage was set on fire that day. Some of the great speakers of bosco were competing for a single title. The speeches were par excellent and impressive. Each speaker was firm on their stand. The terminus of the competition was marked by a song sung by soloist Shaswat Mishra and danced upon by Vedant of 12-A. With no further ado , Benny sir announced the results of the competition. Deepayan, the student of the year, clinged to the third position . S.Ram , the head boy , jumped over and secured the second position. Inevitably , Kartik Shukla ,who spoke about caste disparities in India, reached the pinnacle and was rewarded the first position. The co-ordinators of the event , Meenakshi ma’am and Iris ma’am were appreciated by the principal and the crowd. This was a cultural extravaganza and the school looks forward for such events.