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Don Bosco School joined its heart and soul with the schools around Greater Kailash to make the earth look green by planting trees in the Jahanpanah Forest on 12th August 2017. It was a Parent Teacher Meeting for the whole school but a group of students along with Fr Babu Varghese, Fr BhushanBarla, Fr Norbert, Mr. Rinil Jose, MrsKanishka and Mr. Xalxo thought it is nice to be with mother earth…

The group headed to Jahanpanah City Forest for a noble cause to plant a tree… to plant hope… Around 20 schools around this area joined in this venture. Mr. Saurabh Bhardwaj, the sitting MLA of AAP was the person of attraction who made the day possible with this kind of gesture. The team came to school around 10.30 a.m.


Bosco Outreach programme aiming to cater to the needs of the migrant youth in the fields of education and job placement services is the prime concern of this programme. The team works among the migrant youth in Delhi.


A film festival was conducted on 18th& 19th January for the boys of Don Bosco School. The theme for the festival was ‘Youth For Life’. A total number of 8 movies were shown to the students highlighting the various aspects of life.


The day was set apart for the live presentation of the Music Show – Livejam by the Livejam Foundation. The programme was a one-hour session with students of High School based on Music and talkshow. The motivational talk/interaction was based on the issues like peer pressure, addictions, stress, identity crisis etc. The organizers comprised of trained musicians and artists, skilled communicators, individuals associated with student counselling programmes and leadership training specialists, in addition to young volunteers.

The Break free Tour is based on the themes of freedom and identity. It was a fruitful session that was enjoyed by all owing to the element of musicality in the programme. The feedback forms were given to the students to fill up and the team spent almost an hour interacting with the students.


It was another red letter day to be marked on the pages of the almanac as the two renowned players, MrNilesh and Mr Ravi from Pro Kabaddi Delhi Debang Team arrived in the campus as part of the promo for Junior Kabaddi which would eventually promote such competition in the school campus. The Star Sports Channel sketched the whole event in the frame so as to telecast later as this one among those promotional activities they undertake.


Don Bosco School hosted the 23rd DKAI Delhi State Inetr School Karate Championship on 4th& 5th November in the School Campus. It was an occasion for the public to come in great numbers to witness this mega contest.